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7 GOP Senators have a "Depends" moment

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The Washington Post is reporting that seven GOP Senators, five of whom successfully filibustered the Warner Iraq resolution earlier this week, are now demanding - simply demanding - that the Senate Democratic and Republican leaders permit the Warner resolution to come up for a vote.

Uh, okay. It was your own party that filibustered the Warner resolution, and one of the guys who joined the filibuster was Senator John Warner (R-VA) himself - yes, he filibustered his own resolution - and then two days later Warner is now a signatory of a letter demanding that his resolution not be filibustered. Kind of pathetic that this is what passes for courage in what remains of the Republican party.

It's no coincidence that five of the seven Senators signing the letter are up for re-election in two years: John Warner (VA), Susan Collins (ME), Gordon Smith (OR), Norm Coleman (MN), and Chuck Hagel (NE) - Olympia Snowe (ME) and George Voinovich (OH) signed the letter too, but they're not up for re-election. Meaning, they're crapping their pants over the fact that they just filibustered the only game in town trying to put a leash on George Bush and his growing mess in Iraq.

One hopes they mailed copies of the letter to themselves.

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