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It isn't pretty. Please watch this video. It's a documentary short about John McCain, and it's simply devastating. It's all his own words. Then his other words that contradict his words. Again, and again, and again.

Then visit the new Web site, All of this is set up by Robert Greenwald. More info from their press release:

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films released John McCain Vs. John McCain today— a hard hitting short documentary, being distributed for free via the website and across the country via You Tube. The three minute short reveals the Senator's flip flopping on key issues such as the Iraq War, Gay Marriage and the Religious Right. The film uses McCain's own words to destroy the myth of the Senator as a "straight talking" politician. John McCain Vs. John McCain shows the Senator as politician prone to frequent contradictions on key issues. The website is home to the video and a blog about the Senator.

"This short illustrates, that John McCain is not a 'straight talker' but a double talker. As a filmmaker and concerned American, I felt it was important to reveal this side of John McCain since this aspect of his leadership has not been portrayed in the press" said the film's director Robert Greenwald. The length of the video allows for it to be distributed virally for free across the Internet. Blogs and websites around the world are picking up the video and You Tube users and concerned citizens are forwarding the short to friends.

Cliff Schecter, veteran campaign strategist and political commentator is blogging at about the how the Arizona Senator's opinions change to suit his political ambitions. Schecter, who is writing a biography of McCain said the project, is important because "many journalists still treat McCain's every utterance as if it came down from on high, while the truth is that there is no policy McCain won't sacrifice, no position he won't change if he thinks it will further his presidential ambitions. The people have a right to this information."
More from the LA Times.

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