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Man, that sucked

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Well, Blogger successfully died for all of its users throughout the entire State of the Union. Go Blogger go! But we're back, and man did that speech suck. Boring. I was bored. The audience was bored. Hell, even Bush looked bored. There were only two exciting moments the entire night - first, when they did they camera zoom in on Condi that was simply frightening, and second, Jim Webb. He was amazing. And damn good speech too. But Bush... I really think his speech got re-written at the last minute after they'd gotten so much heat for their announced plans to pretty much ignore Iraq tonight. Speaking of ignoring, what the hell happened to family values and the social conservatives. Did they get ANYTHING in the entire speech? Abortion, gone. Activist judges, gone. Gay marriage, gone. That's the sleeper shocker of this speech, the utter cleansing of anything that would appeal to the family values crowd. They have truly become the crazy aunt in the attic, to be hidden at all costs.

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