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Bush to appoint Muslim to highest US position ever

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Reuters is reporting that Bush is planning on moving US Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad over to the UN as our new ambassador. That would make Khalilzad the highest-ranked Muslim official in the US government ever, at least according to what my sources tell me. And I think that's great.

And just like the gays in the Republican party, once you let some in, more will follow. Lots more. I think that's great too.

I'm really going to enjoy watching the religious right bigots try to torpedo this nomination. They can't afford to give Muslim-Americans a foothold in the most senior reaches of our government. Why? Because the religious right Republicans are bigots, and Khalilzad's appointment will break a very high glass ceiling for Muslim-Americans.

I love watching Bush screw the religious right. Smells like... John McCain.

Couple questions from Joe in DC: Will Khalilzad be sworn in with a Koran? Can someone in the media ask Congressman Virgil Goode what he thinks about this nomination?

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