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Bush may soon meet with group that "cures" gays

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That's what the anti-gay groups are claiming. Good. When Bush does the meeting, I hope the reporters ask Bush what he thinks of the "ex-gay" theory that slavery was a good thing for those savage Africans.

A lead anti-gay activist claimed today on his email list that he is working with a "very well know" (sic) US Senator to set up a private meeting between Bush and anti-civil-rights groups who think gays can be cured with prayer. Here's what the activist, who has worked with the men at the Concerned Women for America, had to say:

"I cannot give any more of the details as of this time, but SBM is coordinating a private meeting with President Bush and other FORMER homosexual men and women, along with their families to VETO this bill, should it come to that point. A very well know Senator who believes in our efforts is working directly with SBM to secure this meeting. Lord willing, this meeting will be taking place VERY soon and we need you to PRAY."
The bill in question is legislation that would amend current federal hates crimes law - we already have a federal hate crimes law in place that covers race, religion and national origin - and include gender, disability and sexual orientation. Well, as you can imagine, the religious right likes it special rights - the federal law already covers them, so they don't want anybody else included. These "God can pray away the gay" loons claim they're setting up a meeting with Bush to demand that he veto adding woman, people with disabilities, and gays to hate crimes legislation that already covers them. Nice.

Feel free to check out this lead "now straight" religious right activist's Web site, Muppet video and all (apparently there's no cure for camp).

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