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Bush is just going to throw more soldiers and more money at his Iraq problem

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Wow. They are really grasping. Bush is just throwing soldiers and throwing money in to the black hole of Iraq. Nothing Bush has done so far in Iraq has worked. Nothing. He's got to be held accountable:

President Bush’s new Iraq strategy calls for a rapid influx of forces that could add as many as 20,000 American combat troops to Baghdad, supplemented with a jobs program costing as much as $1 billion intended to employ Iraqis in projects including painting schools and cleaning streets, according to American officials who are piecing together the last parts of the initiative.

The American officials said that Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, formally agreed in a long teleconference on Thursday with Mr. Bush to match the American troop increase, made up of five combat brigades that would come in at a rate of roughly one a month, by sending three additional Iraqi brigades to Baghdad over the next month and a half.

Nonetheless, even in outlining the plan, some American officials acknowledged deep skepticism about whether the new Iraq plan could succeed.
The American people have deep skepticism, too. The President is out of control. It's like he's on one of his old benders. And, the intervention didn't work.

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