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"The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating"

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The Iraq Study Group is doing a press conference now....being carried live on the major networks and cable news.

Consider this an open thread to discuss the report.

The New York Times has excerpts from the report here.

Watching Hamilton and Baker speak, it's clear that the report is a total rebuke of Bush and his failed policy. These guys are on a rescue mission to save us from our President.

Baker equated the pre- and post- Saddam terror and violence for the Iraqi people. The Iraqis "have been liberated from the nightmare of a tyrannical order only to face the nightmare of brutal violence." That disabuses one Bush talking point.

The White House has got to be freaked out that this report is receiving so much attention. Live national network coverage. That's pretty big. It's almost like the media has finally awakened to the fact that Bush has engaged the U.S. in a losing war -- and that we are in serious trouble under his leadership.

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