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Romney, the waffler-in-chief wannabe

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Some people call him a complete hypocrite for building wingnut credentials by attacking illegal immigrants yet not thinking twice about taking full advantage of their hard work at an attractive price. Some people think Romney is also a hypocrite for working with gays at an earlier time as governor but now is obsessed with gay bashing now that he craves wingnut support for his presidential bid. Some people make a lot of sense. Sounds like Mitt just can't make up his mind on anything and is a waffler, not to mention being a blatant opportunist. He looks like a real leader and just what the country needs at this time as we pick up the pieces from the Bush years.

An advocate for immigrants yesterday called the governor a hypocrite.

"Over the past four years, Governor Romney has railed against undocumented immigrants relentlessly," Ali Noorani, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant Advocacy Coalition, said in a statement. "To our knowledge, Governor Romney has never offered a solution that respects undocumented immigrants as hard-working individuals striving to achieve the American dream, like the individuals who manicured his lawn for the past 10 years."

A Democratic National Committee spokesman, Damien LaVera, said that "Romney was too busy using immigration to cozy up to the right wing of the Republican Party to bother tending to his own backyard first."

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