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Not so intelligent

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Incoming House intelligence committee chairman Reyes thinks it's high time we added 20,000 or 30,000 more troops to Iraq. Great. I hope they come from his district.

It's as if he's living in George Bush's own personal time warp. Talking about how Al Qaeda is going to take over if we don't win in Iraq. How we can't afford to lose. How anyone who demands an immediate withdrawal is just crazy.

Yes, let Mr. Reyes and Mr. McCain and Mr. Bush add all the troops to Iraq that they want. And when the entire thing comes crashing down (it already is) and our troops are dead and America disgraced, Mr. Reyes can join all the other recently-retired Republicans in the I-told-you-so hall of shame.

Yes, it would be nice if we had won in Iraq. But it's over. We lost.

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