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MSNBC airs racist slur against Muslim-Americans and Senator Obama

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At some point MSNBC and the other networks need to take responsiblity for the trash they invite on their shows. The overt, and rather scary, racism that is being spewed by their guests on a regular basis is beyond inappropriate (CNN also had two recent racist-eruptions, one from a guest and the other from one of their hosts). Guests like this do not deserve to be called back, and hosts who make racist comments (like Glen Beck) should be fired on the spot - nor should the network permit their Nazi-esque statements to be aired at all. What is the point of the delay-button if overt racism is permitted unchallenged by the network itself?

Ironically, CNN last month censored Larry King for pondering the possible sexual orientation of Republican party chair Ken Mehlman. But when CNN host Glen Beck recently suggested that an incoming US congressman might not be a loyal American because he's a Muslim, the bleep button at CNN somehow got misplaced.

This is America, not Nazi Germany. Someone needs to remind MSNBC and the other FOX-wannabe networks of that fact.

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