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John Edwards is officially in the race for President

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2006 isn't even over and the race for President is well under way. Today's the day for John Edwards. He's in New Orleans to announce his campaign for President. It's supposed to be a slow news week so his campaign decided they'd get maximum coverage by doing this now. Edwards is getting covered -- he did the morning shows circuit this morning to start:

Two years after his hopes for a Democratic takeover of the White House were narrowly dashed, former vice presidential nominee John Edwards said Thursday that he is making another run at the presidency.

Edwards -- who is calling for cuts in poverty, global warming and troops in Iraq -- scheduled his kickoff in New Orleans, still devastated from last year's Hurricane Katrina. He chose the site to highlight his signature concern of the economic disparity that divides America.

''I'm here to announce I'm a candidate for president of the United States,'' Edwards sold NBC's ''Today Show'' Thursday, one of three back-to-back interviews by the candidate on morning news shows. ''I've reached my own conclusion this is the best way to serve my country.''

Edwards said the difference between his message to voters in 2004 and his 2008 presidential bid is that, ''I've learned since the last campaign that it's great to identify a problem ... but the way you change things is by taking action.''

And Iraq is one of the biggest issues facing the country.

''It would be a huge mistake to put a surge of troops into Iraq,'' Edwards said on ABC's ''Good Morning America. ''It sends exactly the wrong signal. We can maximize our chances for success by making clear we are going to leave Iraq and not stay there forever.''
Here's the website for the campaign.

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