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House Dems and Republicans together filibuster Child Sex Predator press conference

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UPDATE: Thanks to Nancy Pelosi's office, I was able to find the actual Ethics Committee report on Foley. It's here.

Well, that was a lovely example of why American hates Congress. Republican Doc Hastings and Democrat Howard Berman just filibustered their own press conference about the release of the House Ethics Committee report on the Mark Foley scandal.

We have no idea what happened - other than a teaser in an AP story - because these two gentlemen just got on TV for 15 minutes and gushed about how great they are, how great their staff is, how great everyone in Congress is. They gushed over a child sex predator scandal, like it was the Oscars.

CNN, to its great credit, finally pulled the plug on their coverage and moved on to heart stents and commercials. The press conference is still going on, but no one is watching. We have NO IDEA what the results of the House Ethics probe are because Congressmen Hastings and Berman spent the entire press conference slapping themselves on the back.

I can't even believe this. The story is gone. We have no idea what happened. And these out of touch morons just took this incredibly serious issue and used it as an opportunity to thank all the members of the academy.

And the really sick part, the Democrat, Howard Berman, joined in this ridiculous display of congressional onanism.

Seriously, these people wonder why America hates them. I hate them right now now. This does not bode well for the new congress.

Feel free to call Mr. Berman and Mr. Hastings and ask their staff what actually was in the House Ethics Committee report on Mark Foley, since all we got out of their bosses today were jokes and bonhomie about a child sex predator scandal.

Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA)
(202) 225-4695

Congressman Doc Hastings (R-WA)
(202) 225-5816

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