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Happy Boxing Day

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OK, I still have no idea where the name comes from and I only find a few theories online. What a Christmas weekend this year. Starting with a gathering of friends (including a few Americablog readers from Paris) at our place on Saturday, followed by an intimate dinner with my wife on Christmas Eve - a lovely turbot and a bottle of Boschendal Chardonnay reserve - only to be capped off with a Franglo Christmas dinner last night with close friends who are originally from the Midlands in England but are now based here in Paris. Fresh oysters from Le Dome, smoked salmon, turkey and the works with a traditional English Christmas pudding and the always important buche de noel. The entire family pitches in and does something for all of their important meals and they're all quite gifted, from the parents down to the youngest, who this year made the buche. It's time to get started with the 2007 exercise program after all of this eating.

So did anyone else receive or give one of those cool round globe puzzles? One of the kids received one last night and we spent hours getting started and didn't stop until well after 2AM, but what an absolutely fantastic puzzle. Lots of ocean blue pieces to make things tricky but it's great fun and helps bring everyone together for hours.

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