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Friday Orchid Blogging

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Phragmipedium Lynn Evans-Goldner

This little guy is one of my plants, currently in bloom. The flower is less than 2 inches from tip to tip, and it may be slightly fragrant (hard to tell). I love this plant. It grows relatively small, and for me at least, it seems to stay alive (which for orchids, is a big deal). It likes a good deal of light, likes to stay relatively moist, and blooms about once or twice a year. This bloom is being followed by a second bud as well on the same spike (stem). All in all, this is a nice one.

For the geeks among you, this plant is a schlimii crossed with a Barbara LeAnn. And Barbara LeAnn is besseae x fischeri. You can see that this got a lot of the besseae in it, and the fischeri color and size.


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