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Bush's FDA may approve meat and milk from cloned animals this week

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Creepy. And no surprise that it's happening the week of Christmas - the Bushies save all of their worst decisions for slow news weeks, which only makes me all the more suspicious about this decision. It's the kind of thing the religious right wouldn't be happy with - then again, they don't really care about animals, just people, I mean unborn people. But it's the kind of thing big business would be very happy with. And note what the article says about it being unlikely that cloned milk and meat will be marked as such in the stores. We have a Democratic Congress now. I can't think of better legislation to bring right and left together in horror against Bush's corporate excess.

From ABC News:

If FDA approval goes through, the question is how and whether cloned meat and milk will be clearly marked so consumers know what they're buying. Experts say that may be unlikely.

"It's very possible that these products will end up on the grocery store shelves without any specific label identifying them as having come from cloned animals," said Michael Fernandez, executive director of the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology.

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