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Bush so-called "listening tour" delays decisions on Iraq. He needs more time to learn about the war he started.

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If this wasn't so deadly serious, it would be comical. Because really, you cannot make this stuff up. Bush doesn't know enough about Iraq to make any decisions. That the White House can say this with a straight face defies any kind of rational thinking. It's absurd. And Tony Snow is spinning away as evidenced in The New York Times:

The White House spokesman, Tony Snow, acknowledged today that Mr. Bush had wanted to deliver his speech before Christmas. But he said it would be wrong to interpret the delay as a sign of presidential indecision.

“That would be the wrong inference to draw,” Mr. Snow said. “It’s a complex business, and there are a lot of things to take into account.

“You would expect and desire a commander in chief, in looking at a situation, to examine military concerns, security concerns, diplomatic concerns, internal political concerns within Iraq, regional ramifications, how you get people to work in concert with one another,” Mr. Snow said. “It is enormously complex.”

Mr. Snow said the president continues to get the best advice possible. “And so, as he considers the options, he’s not going to get rushed on it,” Mr. Snow said. “He wants to make sure it’s done right.”
Actually, Tony, we would expect and desire our commander in chief to already know the military concerns, security concerns, diplomatic concerns and every other concern. You see, Tony, this war was Bush's idea. He should know the options. He should have known them four years ago.

It is absurd that the President is spinning the media and the public by saying he's on a "listening tour." It is ludicrous that the media accepts it. In the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, it's clear the American people have given up on Bush's war. They've been spun too many times to believe anything Bush says about Iraq anymore.

By the time Bush makes a "decision" based on his "listening tour," the US death toll in Iraq will far exceed 3,000. God only knows how many more Iraqis will have to die. That's beyond absurd. To use the words of Senator Gordon Smith, that's criminal.

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