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You had an impact - you made something happen

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As we enter election day, I want to take a moment to remind you all of what you've done here. In only 10 days you gave over $100,000 to 17 congressional candidates. That money provides campaigns with not just a financial infusion, but an emotional infusion as well. It tells a campaign that their message is getting through in spite of the barrage of bull. And it helps give campaigns the confidence in their message to end the election on their terms and on a positive note.

In Colorado's 4th District, we raised nearly $33,000 alone for Angie Paccione. Your money helped more people see this last, positive ad:

In Nebraska your money helped Scott Kleeb end his campaign on a positive upbeat message.

Your money has helped great Democratic candidates talk to more people. You had a voice in this election, larger and louder than had we all simply stood by and watched instead of getting involved. For that you should be proud. Thank you.

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