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White House staff lies, says Iraq violence just in Baghdad

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The Washington Post reports today that Anbar province is a disaster. Violence is out of control based on a intelligence analysis by the U.S. Marines. Yesterday, after NBC said Iraq was in a civil war, a White House spokesperson said the violence in Iraq is limited to Baghdad via Froomkin:

NBC's First Read reports that the response was swift: "The White House is objecting this morning to descriptions of the Iraq conflict as a civil war. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said, 'The violence is primarily centered around Baghdad and Baghdad security and the increased training of Iraqi Security Forces is at the top of the agenda when [Bush and Maliki] meet later this week.'"
Anbar isn't Baghdad. The violence in that country isn't "primarily centered around Baghdad." It is far more widespread. They lied. Again. Everyone at the Bush White House spends a lot of time lying and spinning about Iraq. They should put as much energy in to trying to solve the crisis. But, then, they'd have to admit it is a crisis.

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