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Novak: Republicans blaming Bush who "should have disappeared"

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These Republicans are a bitchy lot when they're losing. They're intolerable when they win. But losing is tough. The GOPers are turning on their leader. And, Bob Novak is documenting it for us:

A prominent Republican who asked me not to use his name said the last effective play by the White House came at the end of the summer when it defended its war policy. Then, in all seriousness, he proposed this course of action should have been taken by Bush: "The president should go on a 2 1/2 -week vacation, and when he gets back, go right into the hospital for minor surgery. In other words, he should have disappeared."

The fact that Bush did not disappear but took to the campaign trail should not be blamed for rapid deterioration in the past week. House districts that previously had been thought safe for Republican incumbents were under assault. Jim Ryun, the old four-minute miler, was trailing in Kansas. A safe Republican seat in Nebraska was imperiled. Moderate Sue Kelly in New York was challenged, and conservative J.D. Hayworth in Arizona was in trouble. That has led to Republican fears of not only losing the House but losing it by a large margin.

There is not much the president could do at this late hour to turn back this spread of Democratic danger. Republican incumbents, accustomed to a friendlier atmosphere, have failed to clearly identify themselves and their opponents to the public.
The GOP worshipped at Bush's altar for six years. They backed his war. They never questioned him. Bush's failure is their failure. Now, they can all pay the price.

But this blame game is a lot of fun to watch.

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