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Not so curious George does another drive by road trip

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When a leader is so uninterested in the world around him, should it come as any surprise that his foreign policy has been so bad? Anyone who has ever had to travel for business knows that it's not fun, often boring and very tiring but when you are working, you are working. Bush completely misses the point that when he does these trips, he is working for the American public. After six years of trashing our good name around the world and days after a blistering campaign that was very much about Bush and his policies, any normal person might see this trip to Asia as an opportunity to rebuild alliances and reaching out to the world but no, not with George. Not so curious George would rather stay the course and interact as little as possible with the world around him and instead get back to the comfy confines of his hotel room.

What this tells me, again, is that Bush will never change and will just continue to stay the course regardless of the impact on our great country. Full steam ahead with the not so curious president and his failed policies.

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