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Larry Sabato: Dems win Senate and House

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Sabato, one of the top political scientists/pundits in the land, is making the following updated predictions:

SENATE: Dems pick up 6 seats, take majority.
CT: Ind Lieberman
MD: Dem Cardin
MI: Dem Stabenow
MN: Dem Klobuchar
MO: Dem McCaskill
MT: Dem Tester
NE: Dem Nelson
NJ: Dem Menendez
OH: Dem Brown
PA: Dem Casey
RI: Dem Whitehouse
TN: Rep Corker
VA: Dem Webb
WA: Dem Cantwell

HOUSE: Dems gain 29 seats (need 15 for majority)
Too many races to detail, check out the page for yourself.

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