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GOP Congress gives military brass whopping pay raise, while troops on the ground gets next to nothing

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Republicans in Congress have passed legislation giving some of the military's generals and admirals a whopping 8% (plus) raise come this January.

The rest of the troops, the ones who are making next to nothing, the ones whose families back in the US just barely get by, the ones who are actually risking their lives for us in Iraq - they're getting only a 2.2% raise, that would be around one-quarter of the raise the big boys are getting.

That's because George Bush and the Republicans don't give a damn about our troops (that's why they've cut veterans' funding as well). They only care about the wealthy and the connected. And if you're not a general, you ain't nothing to the Republicans running Washington (though they do love to have you at a good political rally).

For the love of God, if you're in the military, former military, or have a loved on in the service, stop voting for the Republicans. They keep screwing you and screwing you and then come election time they tell you how much they love you. They don't love you. They use you. It's time for a change.

Some real service members weigh in on

The 2.2 across-the-board military pay raise in January is a joke. So is the 8.7 percent raise set for 125 generals and admirals. How about reversing it?

Officers do not need the bigger raise. It’s the enlisted ranks who have people on food stamps and receiving assistance from the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. With the price of gas and everything else higher, a 2.2 pay raise is a slap in the face.

It’s also a travesty what else our politicians did to the 2007 defense authorization bill. They basically screwed disabled retirees rated “IU,” or unemployable, by refusing to make them eligible immediately for “concurrent receipt” payments [of both full retired pay and their VA compensation].

Maybe America needs to evaluate what these politicians have as perks, benefits and pay so more of that money goes to the people actually fighting and dying for their mistakes.

Via e-mail

Great. The same individuals who got us into this quagmire in the Middle East are getting an $1100-a-month pay raise, and my E-3, who is packing his bags next week for a year of "fun in the sun" Iraq, is to get a whopping $33. Unfreaking real…No, how shameful.

Rick T.
Via e-mail

What is wrong! I don't see any of these flag officers on welfare or getting killed. They have a lot of aides and don't have much to do except make public appearances. They do make the decisions but they get input from those aides.

If they do not like their pay, why don't they get out of the military and work for a living. Instead they’ll become lobbyists or run for office.

Senior Chief Machinist Mate, USN-Ret.
Via e-mail

I am not surprised that Congress has enough money to give O-9s and O-10s (lieutenant generals and generals) a huge pay raise but cannot find the funds to support those of us who have paid SBP premiums for over 30 years. I have paid into SBP for 36 years and now will have to wait until 2008 for them to stop [because Congress refused to accelerate the effective date of the paid-up SBP rule].

There is no justice in this congressional decision.

Sergeant Major, USA-Ret.
Via e-mail

I am appalled at the inequity of pay raises voted for the upper ranks while lower ranks are getting 2.2 percent. I know why the services cannot recruit good people; they stay in civilian life where at least they get recognized for their efforts. Should we need even more men and women for the military in the future, the draft will be our only hope.

I will try to learn how my senators and representative voted. If they supported this they will not receive my vote next month.

My husband paid Survivor Benefit Plan premiums for over 30 years before he passed away. It will take me three years to get the level of SBP benefits -- 55 percent of his retired pay – for which we paid premiums all those years. That can leave a foul taste in one's mouth.

I support our men and women in service and will never publicly slander the President or our Congress. I will make my choices known at the polls.

Rogersville, Tenn.

Thank you for keeping us informed. The military pay raise of 2.2 percent is absurd. But the most astonishing part of your article describing the final defense bill is the effect on officers in pay grades 0-9 and 0-10 with the Secretary of Defense gaining authority to add an additional 2.5 percent to retired pay for each year served past 30. That is preposterous.

The very top grades already receive all of the "perks." They and their wives are given VIP treatment on each and every military installation. Their meals have to be their preference, sent to installations ahead of their arrival. They have Lear jets to ferry them wherever they wish to visit. They have preferred housing anywhere they are assigned. Enough is enough.

Master Sergeant, USAF-Ret.
Via e-mail

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