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FBI investigating GOP voter intimidation in Virginia

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This may go down as our most corrupt election yet, courtesy of the Republicans. Had enough? Vote the bums out.

And as I'm sure Joe or Rob has noted below, turnout in mid-term elections can be as low as 40% or so of registered voters. That's insane. It means you can swing an entire election just by voting. Please get to a polling place today and vote, and then call your parents and friends and have them go too. There is no excuse for losing a House race by just a few votes. And don't think it doesn't happen. Check this out from the Washington Post:

In 1994, Bush lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg represented Edward Munster in requesting a recount and new election after Munster lost to Rep. Sam Gejdenson (D-Conn.) by four votes. The state's highest court ordered a recount, but in the end Gejdenson won by 21 votes.

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