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A Democratic sweep in Ohio

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Amazing. The Democrats are poised to win all the top state wide offices. In addition to Governor and Senator, they will pick up Attorney General with Marc Dann -- who was the leading and most outspoken critic after the rare coin scandal involving top GOP fundraiser Tom Noe broke in April of 2005. Democrats are also poised to win the Secretary of State (key for '08 to prevent cheating), State Auditor and State Treasurer.

Loved following that rare coin scandal last year. Here's our first post from April 9, 2005. That scandal started to burst the GOP dam in Ohio. You can't make that kind of stuff up.

The Dems. will pick up a couple U.S. House seats in Ohio, too. (Update: CQ Politics has changed the ratings for the 1st CD (Chabot v. Cranley) and the 2nd CD (Schmidt v. Wuslin) from leans Republican to No Clear Favorite.)

And, I hear from the most authorative sources that the minimum wage increase is definitely going to pass.

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