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CNN's Lou Dobbs: George Allen should concede defeat

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Lou Dobb's just said the folllowing on CNN:

CNN's LOU DOBBS: [Experts are telling us that] it's going to be a very difficult recount, and it could be tantamount to another 'Florida 2000' in Virginia this time. Personally, Wolf, I would urge Senator Allen, and I would say this if the roles were reversed between he and James Webb, I think the gracious and caring thing for this country would be to accede to the will of the people and forego the recount, as difficult as that may be for him. This is the time in our country's history, Wolf, I truly believe it, it's a time for graciousness, it's a time for class, and forebearance of self-interest.

WOLF: The Republicans would argue that it's not just Senator Allen's seat that's at stake, it's the Republican majority in the United States Senate.

DOBBS: I think there's something else at stake. I'm etymating (?) here Wolf, it's the for the good of the country. And it would be nice to see George Allen set a solid foundation for the future, for his future, for the Republican party's future, for the good of the country, and to forego that recount.

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