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Bush is speaking live

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UPDATE: ThinkProgress has the video of Bush admitting that he intentionally lied to the media last week.

Blog him.

UPDATE: Bush just said that the Republicans lost because the American people just didn't understand the importance of the issues.

UPDATE: Bush says Iraq is not having a civil war. Oh, keep it up.

UPDATE: Bush is still defending Iraq. He says we're going to stay. Oh boy, he's in serious trouble. The next two years are going to be all about the disaster in Iraq. If you thought the Republicans paid a price last night for Bush and Iraq, just wait for the next elections, congressional and presidential. It's going to be a disaster for the Republicans.

UPDATE: Bush just admitted that he lied to the media last week when he said that Rumsfeld was staying for 2 years. And get this, Bush claims he didn't mention Rumsfeld leaving last week because he didn't want to influence the election. Huh? Why wouldn't Bush try to influence the election? That's what he just spent the last several weeks doing? So he's lying again, about lying.

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