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Bob Novak concedes that Dems won Senate

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From the Evans-Novak Political Report, apparently only available by email, so no link. A rather blistering assessment of the election results. You're gonna like this:

Republican Disaster

The apparent Democratic takeover of both houses of Congress left Republicans stunned and divided, unable to comprehend that the nation's political realignment creating a GOP majority had crested and reversed. The confidence that relied entirely on a generously funded Election Day organization now looks like arrogance. The party's cocksure political mechanics simply could not believe the outcome as the results poured in.

Democrats capitalized on a mood that was not so much pro-Democrat as anti-Republican. Republican leaders are still in denial in the wake of their crushing defeat. They blame individual losing candidates for failing to prepare themselves for the election, but the real fault lies with the GOP's Washington establishment, which played its hand at Republican governance so disastrously that by Election Day Republicans could hardly get a cab ride anywhere in middle America.

In contrast, the private reaction by Republicans was anger at President Bush and his political team. That includes a rising GOP undercurrent against the current Iraq policy....

From a legislative perspective, loss of the Senate is less devastating than the loss of the House, because the Senate was not able to produce or pass most Republican legislation anyway. Filibuster rules in the Senate allow just 41 members to block almost anything, whereas in the House a majority is nearly always sufficient.

On the flip side, the loss of the Senate is devastating for any plans Bush had to install conservative judges. It could strongly interfere with any attempt to replace a Supreme Court justice, should one retire in the coming months....

This unusually high number of incumbent losses is very significant, because it is a true sign of a throw-the-bums-out election. Voters were not choosing against the incumbent party in open seats as often as they were choosing against the incumbents who were supporting President Bush and his policies....

With both houses of Congress ceded to the Democrats, President George W. Bush is now officially a lame duck. His tax and entitlement reform proposals and the extension of his tax cuts can be considered dead on arrival. The level of congressional scrutiny of his every move will be heightened suddenly. His ability to appoint judges and cabinet members and successfully confirm them is cast into doubt.

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