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Are Google and YouTube promoting law-breaking?

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I just took a look at YouTube's video home page and found four videos that are of questionable legality. If these videos in fact infringe on someone else's copyright, it's particularly troubling that Google and YouTube would actively facilitate this infringement by highlighting the infringing video on their video home page, thus increasing the damage immeasurably. I mean, they'd be literally begging people to infringe.

After YouTube shut down my account last week for the high crime of showing a Jon Stewart clip, I've turned over a new leaf. I love Big Brother, and now understand that it's my civic duty to help keep America safe from the terrorists and TiVos, so I'm going to help Google and YouTube keep themselves clean, and make America a little more free and beautiful.

Please, Google and YouTube, stop promoting criminal activity on your own home page. It's one thing to claim you clamp down on infringing videos when you find out about them, but it's quite another to promote such videos on your video home page when they sure don't look like they're being posted by FOX, NBC or Comedy Central. That would make the videos a copyright infringement, and YouTube's highlighting of them would make them a co-conspirator which, by their own rules, would mean that YouTube ought to shut itself down.

Why do Google and YouTube hate America?

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