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ABC pundits: Dems win the House

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On THIS WEEK this morning on ABC (remember, Dems need 15 House seats to take the majority, and 6 Senate seats):

ABC host George Stephanopoulos
House: Dems pick up 25 seats in the House
Senate: Dems pick up 5 seats in the Senate

Conservative Republican writer George Will
House: Dems will take House, have a majority of ten seats
Senate: Dems get maybe a tie in the Senate

Democratic consultant Donna Brazile
House: 23 seat Dem pick-up in House
Senate: Dems will get 5 in Senate, maybe 6

ABC Pollster Mark Halperin
House: Minimum Dem pick up 21, max 40
Senate: Dems pick up 3 to 6

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