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Yet another House Republican leader, GOP Rep Putnam (R-FL), tries to downplay Foley stalking of children

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Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL), one of the top Republican leaders in the House, on ABC this morning called the Foley emails "odd" and "overly friendly." Did you hear that, moms of America, the Republicans think a 52 year old stranger chatting up your children about the hot bodies of their friends is simply "overly friendly."

The other thing Putnam did is repeat the GOP lie about why the Florida papers didn't run with the Foley email story earlier. As the papers have already said, they didn't hold the story because they didn't think it was newsworthy. They held the story because the kid involved didn't want to talk, and the paper felt they couldn't publish something like this without getting the kid on the record. Big difference. So why did the Republican congressman just lie on ABC?

Then Putnam says the FBI had the same email and decided here wasn't enough to investigate. Of course, now we know that the FBI lied. They first claimed they did a preliminary investigation and couldn't find anything illegal. Then they claimed that they didn't even do the preliminary investigation because they didn't have the page's name, which is an outright lie. They were given the page's name along with the emails. Good try, Putnam.

To his credit, Stephanopoulos is responding to Putnam with the real facts. Putnam responded with the following:

Based on the information we have today, the Speaker's office acted proactively, they acted aggressively, and within hours, within hours of the explicit messages coming to light, they demanded Foley's resignation.
That's interesting, Mr. Putnam, since Mr. Reynolds claims that HE, and not the Speaker's office, demanded Foley's resignation. Then again, Denny Hastert now claims that HE was the one who demanded Foley's resignation. Of course, only a few days ago, Hastert told the media that the House GOP leadership didn't have time to demand Foley's resignation, he simply resigned BEFORE the leadership was able to confront him.

So which one is it?

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