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What about sexual contact with a kid 16 and up?

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Foley's lawyer just said the following on TV:

Let me make something perfectly clear. There was absolutely never any inappropriate sexual contact with any minor.
But as an astute reader just emailed me, in many states, including apparently DC, 16 is the age of consent. Below 16, you're a minor. 16 and up, you're not a minor.

So Foley's lawyer just said he never had sex with any 15 year olds. And yes, all pages are 16 and up, from what we've heard. So the question is whether Foley had sex with anyone under 18, and with anyone he met in the page program?

One more thing, his lawyer keeps saying Mark is not a pedophile. That's nice. But pedophilia is generally considered having sex with a prepubescent, usually under 13. So that again begs the question of whether Foley preys on young children.

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