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A thank you message to AMERICAblog's readers from Angie Paccione (D-CO-04)

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My name is Angie Paccione, and I’m running for Congress against Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District.

I want to say thank you to the team here at AMERICAblog and all of you readers for your generosity on Monday. Thank you for letting me blog here too. This blog’s ActBlue contributions have been amazing, and are going to help me win. Even though many of you may not live in Colorado, I think many of you agree that Marilyn Musgrave is a national problem. I believe her extremist agenda -- where she openly declares “cultural war” against a minority of Americans -- threatens the liberty of all Americans.

America, however, has had enough. It’s no accident that Marilyn is one of the single most vulnerable Republican incumbents in Congress. Her unquestioning support for the President’s failed foreign policies is leaving America less secure. Her unquestioning support of Tom DeLay has fed the culture of corruption in Washington, so that she is one of the 13 Most Corrupt members in this Congress. Her unquestioning support of the politics of divisiveness and anger is undermining America’s greatness!

That’s why I’ve been proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Michael Schiavo, who came to Windsor High School to attend the Fourth Congressional Debate. We are coming down to the wire in an election that is going to change America’s future.

Our internal polling shows we are ahead, even after the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has dumped well over $1.5 million into this race to try and save Musgrave! They are definitely not getting a very good return, are they? Not only is Musgrave one of the most ineffective and most corrupt members of Congress, she is also one of the most vulnerable. I’m proud that bloggers and their readers from all across America have been so supportive of our fight -— that support has helped make this seventeen month race one of the most competitive in the country.

The people of the Fourth are ready for change, and I’m ready to bring it! With your help, we are going to win this thing, and retire Marilyn Musgrave!!!

Best to you,

Angie Paccione

NOTE FROM JOHN: You can donate to Angie's campaign here...

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