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Republicans turned Democrats giving Kansas some blue

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Nine former Republicans have figured out what's the matter with Kansas. It's the hard core right wing GOP. That's why all nine are running for office as Democrats in Kansas this year. The Washington Post examines this phenomenon and decide it's part of a bigger trend.

The Kansas developments coincide with efforts by Democrats across the country to capture moderate Republican and independent voters dismayed with partisan bickering from both parties, particularly from the Republican right. The spirit of the attempted Democratic comeback in Kansas, set by [Governor Kathleen] Sebelius, is a search for the workable political center.

Though yet untested in the election booth, the Democratic developments in Kansas reflect polls in many parts of the country. As elsewhere, Democrats and moderate Republicans say they are frustrated with policies and practices they trace to Republican leadership, including the Iraq war, ballooning government spending, ethics violations and the influence of social conservatives.
Sebelius is going to win re-election. And, she'll be joined in winning by some of the new Democrats. The latest poll in Attorney General's race has Democrat (former Republican) Paul Morrison defeating ultra-right winger Phil Kline by 13 points.

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