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More fall-out from Lynne Cheney losing it on Friday's CNN show

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Wolf Blitzer responded today to VP wife Lynne Cheney's bizarre performance on CNN this past Friday. Cheney, who used to co-host CNN's uber-combattive show Crossfire, pretended she was just a little old southern belle on Friday and couldn't believe the big bad Wolf was asking her serious questions about the politics of the day, including questions about the lesbian sex novel she wrote called "Sisters." Oh puhleeze, Cheney is a longtime political hack and hardly some newby to national TV. Our own Joe in DC debated her on Crossfire years ago and, well, let's just say that if she weren't sitting in that chair...

ThinkProgress has Wolf's comment on l'Affaire Cheney from today's CNN show.

I'd also add, as an aside, that Cheney had the audacity to ask Wolf "do you want us to win?" the war in Iraq. A comment I find extremely troubling from a national political figure in a democracy. CNN's job isn't to help the US, or anybody else, win or lose. Their job is to report the news. Aside from reporting a story that they know, or suspect, will cause massive damage to US national security, it is not the media's job in a democracy to further some governmental agenda. Mrs. Cheney knows that, but she, like so many others now leading the Republican party, don't really believe in democracy. So it's no wonder she wants to know whose team the press is on since in her sick little world freedom is always partisan.

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