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Limbaugh physically mocked Parkinson's patients

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What the media didn't show, but Keith Olbermann did, was that Rush Limbaugh didn't just make fun of people who suffer from Parkinson's, he even threw in a little physical comedy to show how funny people are who have Parkinson's.

The question remains whether Republicans Jim Talent (MO), Michael Steele (MD), and Mark Green (WI) are going to publicly demand that Limbaugh apologize to the innocent Americans he mocked on their behalf.

You can watch the ten second snippet of Limbaugh mocking the movements of people with Parkinson's here, and then check out the longer video of the Keith Olbermann segment I got this from via Crooks and Liars. The clip below contains two separate times during his broadcast during which Limbaugh mocked people with Parkinson's.

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