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Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox, says his Parkinson's is just "faking." Do Talent, Steele, and Green agree?

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Rush Limbaugh today sparked outrage by attacking actor Michael J. Fox, claiming that Fox is faking his deteriorating condition from Parkison's. Fox is appearing in a series of TV ads about the importance of stem cell research, the Washington Post notes that the ads are meant to help three Democratic candidates (you can see the ad at the end of this post):

In the commercial, Fox throws his support behind Democratic Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, who supports stem cell research, against Republican James M. Talent. Fox also taped similar ads for other Democratic candidates, including Benjamin L. Cardin in his Senate race against Republican Michael S. Steele in Maryland and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D), who is seeking reelection [against Republican Congressman Mark Green].
The Post has more:
"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners today, encouraging them to go online to watch Fox's commercial, which first aired Oct. 21 in St. Louis during a World Series game. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act."
Do Jim Talent, Michael Steele, and Mark Green agree with Rush Limbaugh that Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's is a joke?

Jim Talent has some special explaining to do. He has introduced legislation to name the new federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri after the late Rush H. Limbaugh Sr., Rush's grandfather. Talent is clearly connected to the Limbaugh family. Does he agree with these outrageous, vicious, statements about a man's disability?

Here is the ad, which has been seen by nearly 1 million people on YouTube.

Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Rush's show just last week. What does he have to say? Does the White House plan on continuing to appear on the show of someone who is so hateful and extreme?

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