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The Lame Duck Cometh

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Washington is starting to buzz about the impending Democratic takeover or "the end of George W. Bush's presidency as he has known it." Finally. So, the new game in the Washington Post is speculating about what's going to happen:

Emboldened by victory, and bitter from grievance, Democrats could use their ascendance to block Bush's agenda, force him to respond to theirs and begin a new era of aggressive oversight and investigation. A Democratic victory, analysts in both parties said, could mean that some of Bush's tax cuts would not be renewed, attempts to revive his Social Security investment plan would be doomed and efforts to further broaden national security powers in the face of civil liberties concerns would be thwarted.

Most worrisome to the White House is the subpoena power that Democrats would gain with a majority in the House or Senate. For years, Republicans have been mostly deferential in scrutinizing the Bush administration, but Democrats are eager to reexamine an array of issues, such as Vice President Cheney's energy task force, the Jack Abramoff scandal and preparations for the Iraq war.
Okay, it's fun to speculate -- especially about that subpoena power. As I wrote this morning, I can't wait to see those smug bastards -- starting with Rumsfeld -- testifying under oath. Fun to speculate, but there are still 20 days left.

One other thing from the article. There are still pundits who think Bush would take a bi-partisanship approach to leadership. Have you all been absent for the past six years?

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