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John Kerry to give $500,000 more to Dem campaigns

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Good for him. Sure it took some public humiliation to get him to pony up, but he did finally pony up, and that's great. Evan Bayh (D-IN), however, still is being a Scrooge, as is Marty Meehan (D-MA). Apparently they don't believe a Democratic majority is very important.

More from the Boston Globe:

Kerry and Senator Edward M. Kennedy both said they were giving $500,000 each to national Democratic committees, while Representative Edward Markey of Malden said he was giving $100,000 and Representative Michael Capuano of Somerville said he was giving $50,000.

But Representative Martin Meehan of Lowell, who has more cash on hand than any other member of the US House -- $4.9 million -- is abiding by his decision not to give any more cash directly from his campaign to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to spokesman Sandra Salstrom.
I wonder if anybody is going to launch a campaign to take Meehan's committee seats away from him if and when the Dems take back the House without his help?

Now contact the other members of Congress who aren't doing their fair share.

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