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House Page Board looking into "allegations" about another member

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Well this sure is interesting. The news of discussion about possible page misconduct by a second member of Congress comes via Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI) who is a member of the House Page Board. Kildee was never told about the Foley problem despite his position on the Page Board. Obviously, he's been told about the second alleged offender:

A U.S. congressional board which oversees a Capitol Hill internship program rocked by a sex scandal, discussed allegations on Monday involving a second lawmaker, said Rep. Dale Kildee, a Michigan Democrat.

Kildee made the comment as he emerged from a closed-door meeting of a House ethics committee, which has been focused on the case of former Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, who resigned last month following disclosure he sent inappropriate electronic messages to male teenage interns, known as pages.

"It's only been allegations made," Kildee told reporters of the House page board's discussion about a second lawmaker, who he declined to identify.
I imagine we haven't heard the last of this. The Reuters article did mention that Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) is currently under federal investigation for a camping trip he took with pages in 1996.

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