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Holy cow. Bay Buchanan rips Hastert and GOP leadership

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Oh my God. Bay Buchanan. Didn't even try to defend Hastert and the Republicans. This is Pat Buchanan's sister. Oh my God. "That email had predator stamped all over it," she says. Hastert and company "were so removed from the real world"... Hastert and company told the pages "fend for yourselves," she added. "This is unbelievable that we have leadership that believes the predator."

"This is the most serious issue that the Republicans face... they failed in the most important responsbility. Their priorities must be so screwed up that they wouldn't act immediately on something like this... this is not the kind of people we expect to have as our leader."

Watch the entire video.

(Only problem is that Buchanan gets hung up at one point on this "known homosexual" thing about Foley - yeah, well, known homosexuals helped run her brother's presidential campaign. Whatever.)

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