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GOP is pulling out of Ohio; DeWine is tanking

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Despite Ken Mehlman's claims to the contrary, the GOP is pulling out of Ohio. The DSCC has tracked the numbers. The RNC is scaling back big time. And no wonder, the latest Quinnipiac poll has Sherrod Brown with a 12 point lead over Mike DeWine:

U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown has pulled significantly ahead in what has been a tight race for the seat of Republican U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, a poll released today shows.

Brown, a Democrat, was favored by 53 percent of voters surveyed in The Quinnipiac University Poll conducted Oct. 10-15, compared to 41 percent who favored DeWine. The same poll found a statistical tie in the race in September.
But yesterday, according to Hotline On Call, Mehlman made a very strong commitment to Ohio:
Mehlman: “Ohio is and remains an incredibly top priority for us. It’s one I’m very confident Mike DeWine can and will win. The evidence of our commitment is that we’re putting our money where our mouth is. No state will receive more resources from the Republican National Committee than Ohio. From this point forward, we will spend millions more on turnout and millions more on message. We have a huge staff. And intend and have right now a very aggressive program.”
But the numbers tell a different story. Just because Mehlman says something, doesn't make it true. He's either lying or he's out of the loop. Which is worse? Begs the question of who really is in charge of the GOP campaign apparatus.

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