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DNC securing loan to help DSCC fight the GOP firewall

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Okay, this is good. Hotline reports that Howard Dean is borrowing money so the DSCC can fully fund its operations. Money well spent. Do the same thing for the DCCC if necessary.

And Josh Marshall makes a good point about the Presidential candidates who better be giving til it hurts, too. Others have made the same point. It's critical.

The field of races in play continues to expand for the Democrats. Republicans are spending their money on usually reliable seats like ID-01 as mcjoan (our favorite Idahoan) points out at DailyKos. The Missouri, Virginia and Tennessee Senate seats are toss ups. Ohio is "hostile terrain" for the GOP. Amazing. So, the Democrats aren't borrowing because they're in trouble. Just the opposite.

So, right about now, we know everyone's tapped out. But since Howard Dean and the DNC are taking a loan, help them out. This year, it's money well spent.

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