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Congressman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) claims chief of staff helped accused child sex predator try to cover-up evidence "on their own time," so it's okay

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First off, we now need to know from Brian Ross of ABC, and from every other reporter in Washington, DC who spoke with Reynolds' chief of staff Kirk Fordham last Thursday and Friday, whether Fordham was only speaking to them after hours, as Reynolds claims, or whether he was speaking to them during business hours on Thursday and Friday.

Second of all, is Reynolds going to take responsibility for his own chief of staff's involvement in this scandal or not? At what point does anyone in the Republican party actually take responsibility for their actions? Reynolds didn't know, and says he shouldn't be expected to know, if his chief of staff goes and allegedly works for 2 days to help an accused child sex predator cover-up evidence of a potential crime against children? And Reynolds is apparently fine with this?

More from the local Channel 4 (there is a video link on this page, that's where you'll find this quote from Reynolds):

"I didn't give him [chief of staf Kirk Fordham] permission to have any conversations he's had at any time with ahhhh Mark Foley, either as his friend or former employer, any more than I think it would be highly unusual for anybody here that they would ask permission before they talked to ahhhh somebody on any nature, on their own time."
1. So you didn't give him permission, but at the same time you're saying that you didn't need to give him permission because your office policy is that it's okay for your chief of staff to do things like help child predators in your workplace without checking with you first? And that gets you off the hook, how?

2. On their own time? So the chief of staff didn't do any of this, didn't talk to any reporters, didn't confer with Foley at all, during the work day?

3. And if your chief of staff asked for vacation time off to help the child predator during the day, did the chief of staff tell you, his boss, why he was taking time off?

4. And if your chief of staff told you he was taking time off to help a child predator, did you object?

5. All hell was breaking loose, your name was being implicated in all of this, but you didn't have a problem with your chief of staff taking a vacation (if in fact he even took one)?

6. Your chief of staff was speaking on behalf of Foley to the media - and you expect us to believe that you still never got word of that fact? And if you did get word, did you say or do anything about it, voice any objection?

7. Now you know that your chief of staff tried to organize a cover-up of key evidence in this case. What do you plan to do about it? Or is this the kind of thing that you condone in your office, and apparently your party?

8. What role if any did your chief of staff play when you first found out about this scandal months ago, and what if any role did he play subsequently?

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