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CNN does Republicans' bidding because real journalism is apparently too difficult

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I'm really getting fed up with the mainstream media playing their cute little "because they say it, it must be true" games with the Republicans.

The latest? The "democrats must have been behind the Foley story" GOP talking point. A talking point that CNN and other media sources have been all too happy to push all day long (CNN was one of the worst offenders.)

Now, when Denny Hastert's office is asked if he has any proof that Dems were behind the scandal coming to light, Hastert's office says no. No one else credible has come forward to suggest that Dems were behind. Only one source that I know of has claimed this, and it is a source that in my eyes, and the eyes of many people I know, both Republican and Democrat, is completely not credible as to the point of being laughable. But the media doesn't bothering doing its work, so they simply repeat the lie because saying so apparently makes it so.

So if the media is going to keep printing Republican demands that Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean testify as to whether they were involved in the scandal, I think I'd like Wolf Blitzer and Larry King to testify too. As to whether they were involved in leaking, or not leaking (it's so difficult to keep up with the republican attack day to day - first we're bad for not exposing the documents, then we're bad for supposedly exposing the documents), and for good measure I'd like Wolf and Larry to testify that they've never engaged in sex with minors. Remember, today's news isn't about facts, it's about groundless allegations. So let's hope Wolf and Larry do the right thing and prove that they're not criminals.

This is disgusting of CNN

I'm actually supposed to be on CNN tomorrow afternoon talking about the Foley scandal. As a last minute question the producer of the segment wants me to be asked why I had the emails in July and didn't turn them over to the FBI - because, of course, that is the GOP talking point of the day (as noted before, shortly after I got the emails CREW told me they had sent them to the FBI and I figured that was the best way to handle them - silly me, since the FBI is now part of the cover-up).

If CNN dares go there with me, I've already told them that I'll be asking the host in return why it is that ABC, the LA Times, the Miami Herald, the Palm Beach Post, several other publications and little old me had the memos all this time but CNN didn't. Kind of odd for the most trusted name in news to be dead last in actually getting the news on such a big story, don't you think?

I'll also be asking CNN why they're asking the question at all - do they turn all their sources in to the FBI? Do they report every story tip they receive, even before they're able to verify it's true? CNN knows the GOP is full of crap on this one, it's already been reported by numerous publications that ABC got its tip from Republicans. That Republicans were behind many of the news organizations in town receiving the emails.

But hey, why trust an already established fact when you can defame people based on innuendo.

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