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Bush points finger at Democrats on taxes and spending

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Aaaahhhhhhhhh, did I miss something here? Bush, the man who "discovered" billions that was non existent to fight his war of ego and convenience in Iraq, is telling people that it is the Democrats who are wild spenders? After six years of running roughshod over the budget and unloading billions onto future generations, this guy has the nerve to stand up in front of a crowd and complain about the spending of anyone else. If the GOP is looking for yet another example of why Americans believe that they are out of touch with reality, here it is.

Earth to planet George: you spend like a drunken sailor and we all know it. Time to come out of your bubble or fantasy world or wherever the hell it is that you are living. Please tell me how borrowing against the future and dumping a higher burden on the middle class, while cutting taxes for the wealthiest and giving corporate welfare is good for the total population? I see how is helps the Dick Cheney's and Bush family but most Americans are failing to see how it specifically helps them. Why does George Bush hate the American middle class?

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