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ABC: Hastert today contradicted yet another member of Congress

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UPDATE: And let's not forget that Kolbe contradicted his own staff today on the Foley scandal as well. We're in our second week of this scandal and these guys are still spinning tales.

From ABC:

Last month, before the Foley scandal broke, Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Fl., also learned about the dormitory incident, which she says she was told about from first hand sources. After learning about an inappropriate but not sexually charged e-mail Foley sent, which had been posted on's "The Blotter" on Thursday Sept. 28, Brown-Waite decided to launch her own investigation. She says she alerted GOP leadership on Friday, Sept. 29, about both the dorm incident and pages who had been made to feel uncomfortable by Foley. That evening, the Foley scandal erupted with news of the lurid Instant Messages Foley had sent former pages.

But in Aurora, Illinois, today Hastert told ABC News that he didn't know of any Foley incident other than those conducted via computer.

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