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Tell Scholastic to stop propagandizing to our children

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No child should be forced to sit in school and have revisionist history forced down their throat - partisan and incorrect history that is meant to influence the child politically before he or she even knows it.

Call Scholastic, Inc. and tell them to stop distributing the error-riddled and politically-biased "The Path to 9/11" to our school children, or Harry Potter is going to be having a very bad final year at school (Scholastic publishes the Harry Potter books in the US).

Call 212-343-4563 and send e-mail to

Some early feedback from our readers:

I just called them. The woman who answered said they pulled her from her regular job to help handle all of the calls. She didn't sound happy about it.

I'm going to get my kids to call when they get home from school. They already emailed scholastic, ABC and Disney yesterday. They are very upset after I deleted all ABC/ESPN/E!/Disney/Lifetime channels from all of our TVs and explained why.

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