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A question for Disney/ABC: Are Christo-fascists better than Islamo-fascists?

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Just curious if one breed of religious extremism is considered worse than the other because one guy is white and the other is brown. Or are fascists only fascists when they're non-Americans?

  • Was the Inquisition really kinder and gentler than Al Qaeda terrorism?
  • Was Hitler the Christian really a better guy than Osama the Muslim?
  • When Christian conservatives quoted the Bible to justify racism (and let's not even talk about lynchings in the south, since I'm sure the lynchers were probably all Muslims), were those Christians any better than Osama citing the Koran to justify violence?
  • In the grand scheme of things, should blacks consider themselves lucky they only had to endure 300 years of slavery rather than the unthinkable burden of having to turn in your lip gloss at the airport?
  • Were Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson any better than the 9/11 hijackers when they said that America brought September 11 on itself?
  • When religious right leaders call the prophet Mohammad a pedophile, and Islam a religion of hate, how does that make them more tolerant than radical Islamists who hate all Christians?
  • When Christian right followers murder American abortion providers is that less wrong than when Islamic right followers murder American tourists?
  • Is Fred Phelps really a nicer guy than Mohammad Atta? Was Timothy McVeigh?
Rosie O'Donnell is being attacked by, well, Christian fascists for saying, correctly, that hate wrapped in the guise of religion is just as wrong and just as evil when the source is Muslim or Christian or Arab or American. And she's right - hate is hate, and no amount of wrapping oneself in the mantle of God will change that simple fact. We real Christians have had it with the phonies.

It will be interesting to see if ABC/Disney, which refused to censor historical revisionist lies about September 11, now tries to censor Rosie for simply telling the truth about intolerance.

Stay tuned.

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