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Please help us plan Stage II: The attack on Disney/ABC starting on Tuesday Sept 12

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I've talked with some of the other organizers of the anti-Disney/ABC campaign, and we've decided, quite rightly, that if Disney/ABC runs this defamatory show tomorrow night, we are launching an all-out war against both companies. I'd like to start the discussion going, with your input, as to what the next steps should be, possible actions, etc.

Some thoughts:

1. Legal component.

Clearly Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeleine Albright and American Airlines have good cause to sue Disney/ABC, the BBC, Australian and New Zealand television, and any local affiliate that broadcasts the show. How can we further help their lawsuit? I think a first step is paying close attention in each country to how the show is being marketed. Get us copies of ads, promotions, etc. that show local broadcasters and others promoting the show as true and non-fiction. How else can we help their suit?

2. Legislative.

Clearly Disney/ABC has a lot of legislation before congress that they care about. I already know of one telecom bill by Senator McCain that they're mortified of - the Consumers Having Options in Cable Entertainment (CHOICE) Act of 2006. I propose that we start a nationwide grassroots campaign to get that bill passed. What other legislation can we push to ensure that companies like Disney/ABC never again try to unethically influence an American election?

3. File broadcast standards complaints.

We can do this in New Zealand and any other country that has such a broadcast standards board (and which airs the show - Canada? Australia? UK?) Basically, they have a board that ensure that TV broadcasts are fair, balanced, and accurate.

4. The Mouse.

The mouse won't know what hit it. What else can we do to highlight Disney and ABC's complicity and duplicity in blackening the names of 3,000 dead Americans? For example, Disney's involvement with war propaganda during World War II. Uncle Remus. Other things? Disney is insane about protecting their brand. How do we make clear to America that the Disney brand is unpatriotic and an affront to the memories of those who died on September 11?

5. Public actions.

What kind of grassroots targets and steps (protests, etc.) can and should we organize to embarrass Disney and ABC and to keep the story alive? I'm thinking multiple events/protests at Disney theme parks in the US and abroad (Paris) educating the public to the fact that Disney has no respect for September 11. Remember, the more embarrassing the event for Disney the better.

6. Shareholder action/lawsuit.

What are the elements, and how do we initiate it?

7. Other options for targeting Disney/ABC stock, financial holdings?

What other options do we have for targeting their stock, mutual funds that hold Disney stock, etc?

8. Steve Jobs and Apple

If iTunes goes ahead and lets Disney/ABC offer this show for free via iTunes, then Apple and Steve Jobs, the largest shareholder in Disney, need to be taught a lesson about defaming September 11 and using their companies to illegally and unfairly influence the US elections for the Republicans. What more can we do to show Steve Jobs and Apple that we won't tolerate them turning Apple into a far-right Republican shill?

9. Live-blogging event during the broadcast.

Certainly we're going to be live-blogging the show, Sunday and Monday. I'd appreciate those of you in Australia and New Zealand, if the show does air there shortly, please give us feedback as to what they cut and what's still in the show? It will give us a window as to what defamatory material Disney/ABC insisted on keeping in the show, which will help the lawsuits and our organizing.

Secondly, when the show airs in the US, if Disney/ABC still run it, I want to be sure a number of us are live-blogging it to list the defamation and the errors. If Disney/ABC insist on making a cartoon out one of the blackest days in America history, then we will hold them responsible.

10. Others who have sold us out?

We never heard boo from Senator George Mitchell, who is the chair of Disney's board. And where is Lee Hamilton, the Democratic co-chair of the 9/11 Commission? He conveniently stayed out of the entire discussion this week. Who else sold America out this week and how can we hold them accountable?

11. Miscellaneous

What else are we missing? Use of YouTube and video blogs? Audio blogs? Other media?

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