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A mom's letter to Disney/ABC

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AMERICAblog reader Diane Kennedy sent me a copy of her letter to Disney/ABC. She gave me permission to publish it along with her name.

To whomever at ABC that has a conscience:

I have a son who works for American Airlines and he left Boston Logan at 8:30 on 9/11/01. For several hours we did not know what had happened to him. Fortunately, he was on his way to the Caribbean - however, he knew most of the crew that was killed on Flight 11. HOW DARE YOU try to portray AA as the airline that let Mohammed Atta through without checking while warning lights were flashing on the computer screen and imply that the airline simply blew off the threat and helped Atta kill 3,000 Americans. You know damned well that airline was a U.S. Airways flight leaving Portland, Maine and NOT American Airlines at Logan.

What is WRONG with you people. As far as I'm concerned I will NEVER watch ABC again. Listen you idiots, 911 was very scary for all of us and especially my family and to think that you would lie about the facts just for the hell of it makes me sick. I hope that American Airlines takes legal action against you for libel or slander and gets a HUGE reward as I also hope the people involved in the other lies (Clinton for example) sue you as well. People like you have no moral conscience whatsoever.

Diane Kennedy

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